Safety At EESA

At the East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association we take our safety seriously and try to address all health and safety concerns and needs. Firearm safety, lead contamination, and more recently the Covid-19 virus. Below you can learn what we’re doing, and how you can help make, and keep our club safe for everyone.

Firearm & Range Safety

Club range rules are available for download anytime, please feel free to download your own copy anytime. EESA Range Rules

Lead Contamination

After a day of shooting, or a few hours even just spent at the range, our hands, clothes, and anything we brought with us that day can have concerning levels of lead contamination on them. Ingesting this lead in any way can have negative effects on our health and many shooters.

Lead Contamination Policy

Lead can easily be transferred from hands to food to mouth, so it’s always important to wash your hands thoroughly after shooting and prior to eating. With this in mind the CFO’s office has forbidden the consumption of food on any of EESA’s ranges. Please note that both food and/or drinks of any kind are not allowed in the indoor range or viewing area.

More information on lead contamination at shooting ranges can be found here and here.

For questions concerning safety at East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association please contact