Volunteering at EESA

The East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association relies heavily on the efforts of our many volunteers to help keep the club in tip top condition and functioning at a level our members and guests have grown accustomed to. 

On this page we will try to keep a list of needs and volunteering opportunities in and around around EESA’s  property.  Anything listed here that you feel you’d like to help out with please just call the club at 226-927-8831 or write secretary@eesa.ca .

  • Kitchen help is a constant at EESA as we host many rentals that request the kitchen be open. A Safe Food Handling certificate is a bonus but not a must.
  • Despite how much work our maintenance crew puts in cleaning is another constant need around the club. From the clubhouse to the individual ranges, there will always be something a member can do to gain some volunteer hours.
  • Painting, another need that is almost a constant and easily set up.
  • The club has many other needs that arise on short notice so won’t be listed here, please feel free to download the  Volunteer Opportunities form and send it to bod@eesa.ca with your abilities listed so we can contact you when needed.