Thank you for your interest in EESA membership!Here’s what you need to know about becoming a member.

New member orientations are held monthly and give potential new members an opportunity to come in and learn about the club and what it offers. Orientations include an introduction to the club, a Powerpoint presentation of the facilities, and a club level safety course.

By submitting the form at the bottom of this page you are requesting to join the East Elgin Sprotsmen’s Association. We assume you have either been here as a guest or are familiar enough with our club that you have already made he decision to join and are aware we do not do a physical tour of the facilities.


How long does orientation last?

Orientations start at 8:30am and take approximately 4-5 hours. They end anywhere between 12:30pm and 1:00pm.

Can I just drop by and look around?

No, EESA has locked gates and isn’t a manned facility. You must either be with a member or be attending an orientation.

Can my spouse and children come to orientation?

Generally we would encourage the family attending orientation, currently though we do have quite a few potential members wishing to join so we do have to ask that only the primary member attend. In the case of a dual membership being purchased we do require both parties to be in attendance.

What are your hours?

We do not operate under regular business hours. Our members may access the property anytime, shooting on outdoor ranges is permitted from sunup till sundown, indoor range and clubhouse are open 24/7 unless otherwise noted.

Can members bring guests?

Members are permitted to bring 2 guests 3 times. New members are limited to one guest for the first 90 days. No guests may attend more than 3 times in a a year.

I just want to shoot. Do I have to be a member?

Yes, East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association is a members only club. Unless you are attending as a guest you must be a member or be attending an event that is open to the public.

Why do I have to pay CSSA fees?

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association provides our members with insurance. All members are required to have a current CSSA membership.

Why do I have to pay a “One Time New Membership Fee” of $150?

Your yearly membership fees help keep the club running. Your one-time administration fee helps pay for new expansions and the many ongoing expenses of operating a club the size of EESA.  All members paid this fee when they joined the club. This fee is only applicable for new members and is not applied to renewals. It is a one time payment as long as you maintain your membership.

Is there an opportunity to take a physical tour of the club?

When registering for orientation we assume you have either been to the club as a guest or have attended one of our many public events and are familiar enough with EESA to want to join. The logistics of taking 30 potential members on a physical tour of the facility would extend the orientation by hours, disrupt members who are on the ranges shooting, and is problematic for those with mobility limitations. During orientation you are given a range by range powerpoint tour with images and full descriptions of all ranges.

The next New Member Orientation date is listed below, please indicate course date when submitting the registration form at the bottom of the page. If only a full date is listed, please do not send in the form until a new open date is posted. Emails received when the posted date is full may not be responded to.

  1. Single (Individual) Membership – Single membership with no spousal or family extensions
  2. Dual Membership – Is a primary membership with a spouse where each member requires individual access. Both members must reside at the same address, and both will be issued separate access cards.
  3. Family Membership – Is a primary member and/or spouse and/or minor children (under the age of majority-18). All family members must reside at the same address. One access card issued to the primary member only, family members must be accompanied by the primary card holder at all times.

The next orientation date of June 9th is FULL.

Please do not send in the form while the class is full, emails sent in may not be responded to.

We do not maintain a waiting list and we do not have future dates set in advance.

A new date for July will be posted the day after the June orientation.

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The East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association has almost 1000 members participating in many different disciplines including trap, IPSC, IDPA, rifle and archery. We are an active club that encourages participation through many events throughout the year.

Single membership


$45 CSSA


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Dual membership


$80 CSSA


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Family membership


$80 CSSA


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* Membership fees are pro-rated.  As a new member, you only pay for the number of months remaining in the year.  Example: If your membership activates on June 1st, your member fees would be $170.92 ($293 / 12 *7).  Note that after your initial membership is activated, all memberships expire December 31st of the current year.  Your membership renewal for the following year will therefore be due December 31st.

Approved methods of payment are cash, cheque, debit, Mastercard or VISA on-site during orientation. New members must be present at the time of payment. Phone or mail in credit card numbers are not accepted.

*Membership types may not be changed until the next year’s renewal. If a member has opted to go with a family membership, or a single, we ask that you wait until you renew to request changes to a different type of membership option*

Register below using the form provided. Please fill out all fields before submitting.

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You are required to have a PAL to join EESA