Shotgun activites using the trap field or the patterning screens on the 45m range are very popular at EESA.

Members Only Trap

Sundays 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Non-Member (Guests of Members) Cost: $7.00 per round (25 Clays)

Ammo is available at an extra cost.

Meat Shoots

“Meat” shoots are very popular special events. Various activities surrounding the use of shotguns are held with the winners of the events winning a frozen meat selection. Activities may include:

Annie Oakley: This fun event involves a large number of shooters (around 15) using the Trap Range. Shooters are arrayed in a line. The first shooter calling for a bird must shoot at it. If Shooter #1 misses their target the next shooter MUST take a shot. If they hit it then Shooter #1 is eliminated, if Shooter #2 misses then Shooter #3 may elect to shoot. If Shooter #3 manages to break the bird then Shooters #1 and #2 are eliminated. Shooter #2 will also be eliminated if they take a shot AFTER Shooter #1 has already hit the target (“dead bird”) or if Shooter #2 fails to take a shot after Shooter #1 misses. Once a series has been completed the onus moves down the line to the next group of 3 shooters. The last person standing wins a prize.

Pepper-the-Paper: A single shot is taken at a paper target upon which is drawn a large pie shape (12 sectioned circle). Participants purchase sections of the pie for $2 or $3 dollars. The section hit with the most pellets wins a prize.