Archery Events

Junior Archery: The EESA Junior archery program runs from January to the end of August on Friday nights commencing at 6pm using the indoor archery range. Shooting is completed under the auspices of the Canbow program. This program provides an excellent series of levels and badges to encourage shooters to develop their archery skills. Several Club bows are available for newcomers to use. Certified instructors provide excellent coaching opportunities for shooters of all levels. Charges are $5 per shooter or $10 per family. No registration is necessary just show up and head upstairs to the archery range.

 Senior Archery: Takes place in the indoor archery range on Wednesday evenings 5:00 – 8:00 pm starting in January until the end of May. These shoots incorporate life sized 3 dimensional targets of various game species. Cost is $5 per shooter. (AT THIS TIME SR. ARCHERY IS NOT TAKING PLACE)

For more information write or call 226-927-8831