Gun Ban Information

On May 1st 2020 the liberal party of Canada,  under the direction of Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair,  implemented a ban on 1500 types of firearms in Canada. This was done by an Order in Council and without any consultation with other parties or listening to any input from either Canadian citizens or firearm and crime experts.

Since May 1st straight forward information on the ban, exactly what firearms are and aren’t affected,  as well as when and how this ban will be implemented has been confusing at best.

With more firearms being banned every day, trying to keep up is next to impossible. THIS, list however, put together by one of our members,  is so far one of the most up to date on what firearms are currently banned. While it’s not updated every day it is updated periodically and is the ost complete list we’ve been able to find. The link also to the Canadian Gun Nutz forum and to view it you will need to register.

You can also check 

Numerous facebook groups have been started, protests planned, petitions started etc….. A nice strong start to what’s going to be a long fight for gun owners and enthusiasts to gain the respect we deserve as law abiding Canadian Citizens.

Due to the constantly changing landscape surrounding the gun ban and the massive amount of information coming in every day we think it’s best to supply links to the sites and pages we think our members would most benefit from visiting.  Political party sites, facebook pages, and petitions will all be listed below and we’d strongly encourage all members to view and share these links as our livelihood may well depend on spreading the word.  We’ll do our best to continue add information sources to this page so check back periodically for any updates.

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