Open Range Day

The East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association’s next Open Range Day will be held on September 7th 2019.
As with previous range days we will be limiting our guests to a maximum of 50 to come in and experience the enjoyment and excitement of target shooting.
No licence and no experience required, we supply all firearms, all personal protective equipment, supervision and instruction. A wide variety of firearms and calibres will be available including,  22lr, 9mm, 357 magnum, .40 cal, .45 ACP, 44 Magnum, 7.62 x 39, 45/70, .223.

Due to the high demand Pre-payment of the entry fee for this event is mandatory,  this absolutely guarantees a spot will be held for you and helps us avoid having to turn away walk ins when we reach our maximum attendance.
Accepted methods of payment are Paypal, EMT, and credit card.

Admission is $40.00 per adult and $25.00 for accompanied youth, ammunition used is extra and various mixed ammo packages ranging from $40.00 – $70.00 will be available.
For registration instructions or any other questions please write or call 226-927-8831.
Event runs from 9:00am until 3:00pm, guests should show up no later than 1:30 to allow enough time to shoot.
No children under 12 years old please.

May 5th Trap Spring Warmup

50-100 target event

For club members and family members

Start at 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM

Class A & B 100 Target Event – $30.00

Ladies & Junior Class 50 Target Even – $15.00

Plaques awarded for Top Scores

Junior Rifle Coaching Clinic


Date:            Thursday, January 24, 2019                   Time:               7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location:         East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association – Clubhouse, Classroom
Cost:             Nil – See Below
The Program:
The goal of the clinic is to provide basic training to EESA volunteer coaches in the set up of new shooters in prone, kneeling and standing positions and to be better able to assist existing shooters to improve their skills. We will also spend a few minutes talking about vision and eye dominance as it pertains to new shooters and have an open discussion with the group on tricks and techniques that can work with individual shooters.
Who should attend:
The course is for individuals who will be helping as volunteers in the range with new shooters and helping existing shooters improve their skills. Current and past volunteers are welcome as well any parent who wishes to help on the range. Any of our advanced juniors who feel they’d like to get some training so that they can volunteer as coaches are welcome. Previous coaching experience is not required. The objective is to get the participants started in coaching and get to know one another so that we can all learn together on the range.
The course will be conducted by NCCP certified coach course instructors and participants will learn about the National Coach Certification Program and how to become certified as coaches under the program if they wish.
EESA’s Board is kindly supplying the classroom for the evening and the instructors will be there as volunteers so there will be no cost to the participants.
The plan is that you will be setting one another up in position so come dressed comfortably and be prepared to get down on the mat and on the floor working on positions.
The class size is limited to 16 to keep the group a workable size. Should the numbers exceed this we may need to run a second clinic.  Please provide your name, email address and contact number to Richard and/or Elaine as listed below.
Richard Lanning: or Elaine Brown:

Authorization to Transport

From the CFO’s Office:

Just as a reminder to all your club/range membership regarding Bill C42 which passed September 2015. Attached is a copy of the licence conditions that were automatically attached to the firearms licence of any of your members who had a valid authorization to transport issued to transport to your shooting club/range at that time the bill was passed.  If your members are unsure if they have the additional conditions attached to their firearms licence please inform them to contact the CFO directly @ 1-800-731-4000 – 1 – 1 Extension #7503.

Please note: if your membership wishes to transport their restricted firearms for any other purpose which is not listed on the licence conditions page they are required to contact our office @ 1-800-731-4000 – 1 – 1 Extension #7503 to have an authorization to transport issued for that specific purpose.

In addition: Any client who purchased a new restricted firearm after September 2015 will automatically have the attached conditions added to their firearms licence.

These licence conditions authorize the transport of restricted and/or prohibited firearms registered to the licence holder within their province of residence by a route that, in all circumstances, is reasonably direct for the specific indicated purposes.

1.Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited handguns (12(6.1) of the Firearms Act) possessed for the purpose of target practice to and from all shooting clubs and ranges approved under section 29 of the Firearms Act.

2.Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from any place a peace officer, firearms officer of Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) is located for verification, registration or disposal in accordance with the Firearms Act or Part III of the Criminal Code.

3.Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from a business that holds a licence authorizing it to repair or appraise prohibited or restricted firearms.

4.Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from a gun show.

5.Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to a port of exit, in order to take them outside Canada and from a port of entry.

6.Transportation of newly acquired restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms from the place of acquisition to the licence holder’s dwelling house or other place authorized by the CFO.