Thank you for your interest in EESA membership! Here’s what you need to know about becoming a member:

  • On May 19th The East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association re-opened the club, and are now, once again accepting new members.

    Currently our July orientation is full and we have yet to set an August date. Please check back mid-July and we will have a confirmed date Anyone wishing to have their name added to the August date please fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page.  We will not be responding to orientation emails until such time as we have set a date. 

    Please note: we are having issues with hotmail addresses, if you do not see a response from us within 24 hours check your trash or spam folders. If you still don’t see our email please call 226-927-8831 to ensure you are registered for the orientation.

Membership is available in the following ways:

  1. Single (Individual) Membership – Single membership with no spousal or family extensions

  2. Dual Membership – Is a primary membership with a spouse where each member requires individual access. Both members must reside at the same address, and both will be issued separate access cards.

  3. Family Membership – Is a primary member and/or spouse and/or minor children (under the age of majority). All family members must reside at the same address. One access card issued to the primary member only, family members must be accompanied by the primary card holder at all times.

New Member Fees

EESA Fee *

CSSA Fee **

Admin Fee ***

Primary Membership






Dual Membership






Family Membership






* Membership fees are pro-rated.  As a new member, you only pay for the number of months remaining in the year.  Example: If your membership activates on June 1st, your member fees would be $170.92 ($293 / 12 *7).  Note that after your initial membership is activated, all memberships expire December 31st of the current year.  Your membership renewal for the following year will therefore be due December 31st.

** The Canadian Shooting Sports Association provides our members with insurance.  All members are required to have a current CSSA membership.  CSSA membership fees are also pro-rated.

*** Administration Fee is a one-time fee paid by all members of EESA when they became members. This is paid one time only when joining and is not applied to renewals.

****Indoor range access is an additional $30 (one time fee).  This will activate your member card for the indoor range.

Once you are a member, you may opt to reduce your yearly fees with volunteer hours!

Approved methods of payment are cash, cheque, debit, Mastercard or VISA on-site during orientation. New members must be present at the time of payment. Phone or mail in credit card numbers are not accepted.

All new members are required to attend a new member sign up/orientation day.

Attending a sign up/orientation day, new members will:

  1. Meet other members

  2. Pay for yearly dues

  3. Get their photo taken for their ID card

  4. Take the club safety training course

  5. Receive a new members information package

  6. Take a guided tour of the EESA facilities

The guided tour will be run by a qualified EESA member who will be able to answer any questions on the facilities and explain any range-specific rules that may apply. The tour consists of:

  1. 300m range

  2. Trap range

  3. 45m range

  4. 50m range

  5. 100m range

  6. 3D archery range

  7. 25m Indoor Pistol range

  8. 25m Indoor Air Rifle/Archery range

  9. Club Pond

  10. 4-25m Outdoor Ranges

Orientation days are ran monthly throughout the year. To sign up for the next orientation day, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Next orientation date is noted at the top of this page.

For more information, please download our “New Members Guide (pdf) here!

Frequently asked questions:

  1. I just want to shoot. Do I have to be a member? – East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association is a members only club. We think that you will really enjoy meeting new friends and using our great facilities as a member. However, there are a few activities throughout the year that are open to non-members. Keep an eye on this website “Special Events ” page for a list of activities and dates.

  2. Why do I have to pay CSSA fees? – The Canadian Shooting Sports Association provides our members with insurance. All members are required to have a current CSSA membership.

  3. Why do I have to pay a “One Time New Membership Fee” of $150? – Your yearly membership fees help keep the club running. Your one-time administration fee helps pay for new expansions and the many ongoing expenses of operating a club the size of EESA.  All members paid this fee when they joined the club.

Orientation Day Sign Up