Bullseye at EESA

Bullseye is a shooting sport in which participants shoot handguns with one hand at paper targets at fixed distances, generally 20 yards in the indoor range. The NRA match can include 3 pistols, a .22 rimfire, a centrefire and a .45 and international match using .22 and centrefire.

Bullseye pistol focuses on accuracy in conditions of lots of time to complete the task to the case of ISF Rapid Fire which is very little time. When you shoot Bullseye, you learn very important skill sets like grip, stance, sight picture concentration and most importantly TRIGGER CONTROL. More time is required to master the handgun than any other type of firearm. The skills you will develop in Bullseye competition will improve your capability in other types of shooting, even rifle. Bullseye is a great place to start learning to shoot handguns, it’s challenging and very rewarding. It is shot the first and third Tuesday evenings every month in the indoor range 7 – 10 pm. Coaching is available. Come on out and give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

For More Information please contact Joe Magyar at raygam@gmail.com