A Message from the CFO’s office concerning Authorizations to Transport.

Gun Club/Range Executives:

On September 2, 2015, the government passed a new “Bill” called the “Common Sense Bill C-42”, which changed the way we look at Authorization to Transport Permits.

As the Firearms Act changed in 2015, the old Authorization to Transport Permit that I use to issue to you on behalf of your Members are not needed.

The government changed the permits into a condition that will be electronically add to the Members licence, when an individual gets a new/renewal licence with restricted privileges, and possesses at least one restricted firearm. 

I have been receiving many calls and emails from Members all over the Province asking for Authorization to Transport Permits to go back & forth to their respective Gun Club/Ranges, so please forward this information to your Members and Post at the Gun Club/Range.  

Thank you

~ Kerrie Cook ~

Chief Firearms Office

Authorization to Transport Clerk -Ontario.


phone: 1-800-731-4000 x 7528.