A Day at the Range Public Shoot

East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association’s next Open Range Day will be held on February 24th 2018. During the winter months all range day events will be limited to the indoor range with handguns and 22lr rifles only.
As with previous range days we will be limiting our guests to a maximum of 50 to come in and experience the enjoyment and excitement of target shooting.
No licence and no experience required, we supply all firearms, all personal protective equipement, supervision and instruction. A wide variety of firearms and calibres will be available including, but not limited to, 22lr, 9mm, 38 special, 357 magnum, .40 cal, .45 ACP, and 44 Magnum.
Due to the high demand Pre-payment for this event is mandatory, thisabsolutely guarantees a spot will be held for you and helps us avoid having to turn away walk ins when we reach our maximum attendance.
Accepted methods of payment are Paypal, EMT, and credit card.

Admission is $40.00 per adult and $20.00 for accompanied youth, ammunition used is extra and various mixed ammo packages ranging from $35.00 – $65.00 will be available.
For registration instructions or any other questions please write or call 226-927-8831.
Event runs from 9:00am until 2:00pm
No children under 12 years old please.

AGM and Elections Notice

2018 EESA Board of Directors
Elections and AGM

In the past EESA has held their elections at the annual general meeting by way of a hand written ballot and with the use of proxies. Due to a variety of reasons turnout at meetings was low and some years saw directors elected with less than 20 votes. This year we hope to substantially increase the number of voters and involve many more members in the election process by way of using a 3rd party online voting service.
All current members who have renewed by March 1st, and are eligible to vote, will be sent a link and unique password to log in and cast their vote for the candidates of their choosing. This email will be sent to the email address provided to the EESA either when you joined or when you renewed.
A March 1st cut-off date  is necessary so a full list of electors can be compiled and registered with  Members who share an email address will each be sent their own log-in and unique password. The voting period will run from March 17th – March 31st, if you have not received an email with voting instructions by the start date please check the spam or promotions folders in your email program. Neither EESA or the 3rd party managing the election can guarantee delivery of emails if blocked or re-directed by filters. A reminder email will be sent at the halfway point of the election.
Members that do not currently have an email address or access to a computer will be contacted by telephone or postal service and allowed to attend the club and vote through the use of  club computers set up at a voting station.
As stated in the clubs by-laws the BOD retains the right to operate with anywhere from 8-12 directors and for the 2018 season, by way of a vote it has been decided that the BOD will consist of 10 directors only. This means there will be 5 director positions available and 5 candidates being voted in by the membership.
The deadline for anyone wishing to submit their name and bio to run for a directors position is March 6th at midnight and the election will run from March 17th – March 31st. All bios will be submitted to the company running the election at the same time on March 7th.Election results will be monitored and tallied only by the company running the election and the results announced at the AGM on April 7th.

No member of EESA or members of the BOD will have access to the results until a final count has been taken and submitted to the BOD on April 6th.

  • March 1st – cut off date for electors to be renewed and eligible  to vote. 
  • March 6th –  All nominations and Bios must be submitted to by midnight. All nomination/bios will be submitted to at the same time on Wednesday March 7th.
  • March 17th – Election start / Electors are able to log in and cast votes
  • March 31st – Election closes / Electors are no longer allowed to log in or vote
  • April 7 – Annual General Meeting at 5:00pm / Results of elections will be announced. 

Please direct questions concerning the election or the AGM to or call 226-927-8831.


All persons running for a Director position must read the “Directors Liability” document and then sign the “EESA Nomination Declaration” form to be considered eligible to run. To view and download these documents/forms, click the links here:
Directors Liability

Nomination Declaration Form

If you would like to be considered for election to the EESA board of directors, please:

  1. Download the two forms above (Directors Liability and EESA Nomination Declaration Form)
  2. Read the directors liability form and sign the EESA Nomination Form.
  3. Complete a short biography about yourself, your interest(s) at EESA and your area(s) of interest.
  4. Submit the EESA Nomination Form and your short biography to