EESA Membership Renewals

Membership renewals are due on (or preferably before) December 31st.

Three Ways to Renew:

  1. You may renew online using the online tools below.
  2. You may renew by mail. Download the Renewal Form (pdf, click here). Fill in the appropriate form fields and sign the form, enclose a cheque, money order or bank draft payable to EESA and mail to: East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association, PO Box 21 Aylmer, ON, N5H 1J0
  3. You may drop off your renewal: Drop off your completed renewal form (with cheque, money order or bank draft in an envelope) in the secure mail slot located outside the Office Door in the Club House.
  4. You may pay in person: To pay in person, you must attend a scheduled renewal session at the club. These renewal sessions are staffed by members of the Membership Committee and can accept cash, cheques, credit or debit cards. You will be issued an official receipt that will be attached to your completed and signed renewal form.  Please visit the Member Bulletin Board for the latest scheduled renewal session dates!

Important things to Remember:

  1. If you need a printed form, they will be available at the Club by the October 1st.  We will be accepting renewals starting on the 1st of October.
  2. Your renewal must be completed in full and signed to be valid.
  3. We will pass on any NSF fees along with an administration fee.
  4. Failure to renew will cause your membership card and online member access to be deactivated (no gate or building access and no access to the member pages on the website)
  5. All members are required to have CSSA insurance.  If you choose to forgo the insurance as part of the renewal process please be prepared to prove you have purchased it on your own from CSSA. 

If you have a special situation, please contact the Membership Committee by email at and they will bring your situation to the Board of Directors for review.

Online Membership Renewal

You may renew your membership online with the links below.  Note that additional handling fees may be assessed as per our “terms and conditions for payments processed online“.

Online Renewal Helpful Links:

  1. EESA General Safety Rules  – All Ranges (pdf)
  2. EESA Range Rules November 2019 (pdf)