Please remember when visiting the club that we are still in the reopening phase and have certain restrictions in place to ensure we are in compliance with government regulations.

  • No Guests whatsoever at this point.  Even though allowed gatherings have increased from 5 – 10 people, we still have to be able to abide by the social distancing guidelines of remaining 2m apart from each other. At this point allowing guests would make that difficult to ensure.
  • The indoor range remains closed. Surface contact on door handles, counters, and target retrieval systems, as well as a lack of air filtration in the viewing area makes the situation impossible to ensure the safety and health of our members. We are looking for solutions so the indoor range can be opened but for now unfortunately it does need to remain closed.
  • Clubhouse 2nd floor closed.  Due to surface contacts and a lack of air filtration the 2nd floor of the clubhouse will remain closed to members for now.
Please do your best to comply with social distancing guidelines and continue to practice preventative hygiene such as frequent hand washing and use of sanitizer.

On Tuesday May 19th at 8:00am the East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association will re-open to our members.  Please review the guidelines below, we are all anxious to get back to enjoying our sport but need to proceed in accordance with the guidelines set out by the provincial government.

  • The Clubhouse and kitchen will remain closed to any groups or group activities. Washrooms and vending machines will remain accessible to members but please limit the time spent inside.

  • The indoor range will remain closed until further notice, this includes both the range and viewing area.

  • All outdoor ranges will have every 2nd shooting station closed to ensure social distances are maintained while shooting.

  • During the initial re-opening we have to request members refrain from bringing any guests at all, we expect this to be a temporary measure and as the size of allowed groups change so will our guest policy.

  • All matches, events, gatherings etc…are still either cancelled or postponed. This includes all disciplines, both Jr Rifle and Jr Archery, orientations, and any type of activity that would put more than a group of 5 together in one place.

  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at all ranges, please be sure to use it frequently or as needed.

  • Anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19, or feeling unwell, are asked to refrain from attending the club at all.

Please understand that these guidelines are in place to:

  1. assure we are in compliance with the provincial government requirements.

  2. Assure we are doing everything we can to help prevent the further spread of Covid-19 and protect the health of our members.

  3. Allow us to open to our members and remain open. 

Dear members,

Since March 23,2020 the East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association has been closed to its members due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All of us have been watching closely and waiting for these restrictions to be lifted.


Today the provincial government announced phase 1 of its plan to reopen businesses for modified operations. In his briefing Premier Ford indicated that facilities such as golf courses and rod and gun facilities would be able to open on Saturday May 16, 2020.

We then communicated that fact to our membership, it appears that we may have done so in haste. After reviewing the written proposal for reopening we have made the decision that it is the government’s intention to open gun range’s on Tuesday May 19,2020 and not this Saturday as previously stated.

We would like to apologize for this miscommunication and understand that this is disappointing. We are however committed to opening the club in the coming week.

Thank you for your understanding

The Emergency order has now been extended to June 2nd and EESA will be remaining closed until the provincial government announces we are allowed to open. This announcement is expected to come before the end of May but unfortunately we can not be sure. Members will be notified as soon as we have an opening date.

On April 14th the Provincial government extended the covid-19 closures another 28 days. We are now closed until further notice and will make members aware of  any updates or changes. 

The East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association will be complying with the provincial governments most recent closure extension and extending our closure until April 18th. This date however is subject to change and will reflect the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding the covid-19 virus.
Again we do apologize for the inconvenience.

COVID-19 -EESA Status


It was the intent and hopes of The East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association that the club would remain open for day to day use by our members during the covid-19 pandemic.
Unfortunately with the release of the essential services list by the provincial government, remaining open would put the club in a position of potential prosecution and put our members health and well being in jeopardy. Neither of which we find acceptable.  

List of Essential Workplaces
With this in mind, and in accordance with the Provincial Government’s mandate, we regret to inform our membership that effective immediately the East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association, including all indoor and outdoor facilities, will be closed for a duration of 2 weeks.

This closure will commence on Tuesday March 24th at midnight and extend until Tuesday April 7th at midnight. 

Further, due to this closure, and the covid-19 guidelines, the 2020 Annual General Meeting will be cancelled and all reports and documentation to be presented or discussed at the AGM will be sent to all members via email attachments and posted at

It is the responsibility of the EESA Board of Directors to protect the club and it’s membership from any and all possible harm or adverse actions, this includes prosecution from the government and the safety of our members and their families.  Despite current legislation to close, the decision to do so was not made easily and we sincerely regret any inconvenience or disruption to members routines or planned outings. We will continue to monitor developments concerning covid-19 and make our members aware of any changes. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Doug Lightheart
The East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association Board of Directors


Due to recent misinformation on social media the EESA Board of Directors are issuing the

following statement.

There is an ongoing investigation which does not include any current serving  members of the BOD. Therefore, at this time, we can not provide any further comment.

Club members will be updated as allowed by the investigation.

We appreciate your support and patience during this time.



This years Annual General Meeting will take place on April 4th at 11:00am on the 2nd floor of the clubhouse. Elections will once again be ran by an independent online voting company ( to ensure all eligible members are given equal opportunity to vote. To be eligible to vote you must have been a member for more than 90 days.
This year there will be 5 director positions for members to vote on.

Due to recent changes in the BOD structure the director positions available for members to vote on will now be 6. 

Members wishing to vote that do not have email addresses or internet access may come into the club on Saturday March 21st between 8:00am and 2:00pm where ballot voting will be made available.

Important election dates are listed below.

  • March 5th – All candidates bios, along with pictures, must be submitted by midnight of March

  • 5th to

  • March 17th – All members eligible to vote will receive an email from the voting company with a link to the candidates bios and voting page.

  • March 21st – Ballot voting available at clubhouse

  • March 24-25 – Reminder to vote email will be sent to all electors

  • March 31st – End of election / voting closes

  • April 1st – Results will be sent to a 2 member election committee, verified, and forwarded to Board of Directors.

  • April 4th – AGM at 11:00am and election results announced.

As of January 1st 2020 recent changes to the guest policy at East Elgin will be implemented.  Members and their guests will now be required to make use of one shooting station only and have only one person at a time shooting.  This change is due to recent incidents involving unsupervised guests and is aimed at preventing the EESA from experiencing similar situations as two other clubs in Southern Ontario have.  Below is our entire Guest Policy with the changes.

Guest Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Members with guests are now required to make use of one shooting station only and only one person at a time shooting, this change is the result of recent incidents by unsupervised guests. This also assures shooting stations will be available for members.
Each member is allowed to bring up to 3 guests at a time  and up to 3 times per year. This means any guest may only attend a maximum of 3 times in a year.

New members during their probationary period (90 days) are allowed to bring only 1 guest at a time.

Guests MUST complete and place in the office mail slot a Guest / Visitor waiver located in the club house. All ranges also have waivers and mail boxes supplied to deposit forms. This form MUST be completed or the member is putting the club at risk. If the form is not completed the Guest / Visitor is NOT covered by our insurance and any incidents that may occur are the sole responsibility and liability of the member who brought the guest. Failure to complete the required form(s) will result in a 30 day suspension of guest privileges.
Understand that members are 100% responsible for the actions of their guests at all times and must not be left unattended at any time. Members must ensure their guests do not have unsupervised access to any firearm unless that person is licensed for that type of firearm. Supervision of a shooter on the firing line is one on one.

From the CFO’s Office:

Just as a reminder to all your club/range membership regarding Bill C42 which passed September 2015. Attached is a copy of the licence conditions that were automatically attached to the firearms licence of any of your members who had a valid authorization to transport issued to transport to your shooting club/range at that time the bill was passed.  If your members are unsure if they have the additional conditions attached to their firearms licence please inform them to contact the CFO directly @ 1-800-731-4000 – 1 – 1 Extension #7503.

Please note: if your membership wishes to transport their restricted firearms for any other purpose which is not listed on the licence conditions page they are required to contact our office @ 1-800-731-4000 – 1 – 1 Extension #7503 to have an authorization to transport issued for that specific purpose.

In addition: Any client who purchased a new restricted firearm after September 2015 will automatically have the attached conditions added to their firearms licence.

These licence conditions authorize the transport of restricted and/or prohibited firearms registered to the licence holder within their province of residence by a route that, in all circumstances, is reasonably direct for the specific indicated purposes.

1.Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited handguns (12(6.1) of the Firearms Act) possessed for the purpose of target practice to and from all shooting clubs and ranges approved under section 29 of the Firearms Act.

2.Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from any place a peace officer, firearms officer of Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) is located for verification, registration or disposal in accordance with the Firearms Act or Part III of the Criminal Code.

3.Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from a business that holds a licence authorizing it to repair or appraise prohibited or restricted firearms.

4.Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from a gun show.

5.Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to a port of exit, in order to take them outside Canada and from a port of entry.

6.Transportation of newly acquired restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms from the place of acquisition to the licence holder’s dwelling house or other place authorized by the CFO.