Please remember when visiting the club that we are still in the reopening phase and have certain restrictions in place to ensure we are in compliance with government regulations.

  • No Guests whatsoever at this point.  Even though allowed gatherings have increased from 5 – 10 people, we still have to be able to abide by the social distancing guidelines of remaining 2m apart from each other. At this point allowing guests would make that difficult to ensure.
  • The indoor range remains closed. Surface contact on door handles, counters, and target retrieval systems, as well as a lack of air filtration in the viewing area makes the situation impossible to ensure the safety and health of our members. We are looking for solutions so the indoor range can be opened but for now unfortunately it does need to remain closed.
  • Clubhouse 2nd floor closed.  Due to surface contacts and a lack of air filtration the 2nd floor of the clubhouse will remain closed to members for now.
Please do your best to comply with social distancing guidelines and continue to practice preventative hygiene such as frequent hand washing and use of sanitizer.